vCLOUD is no more… vCAC rules

Written by Mo Elamin. Posted in Blog, VMWare

Just back after an exhausting but exciting few days at VMworld, biggest shock to me, was the death of Vcloud director, I have heard that there is a new strategic direction and Vcloud director wasn’t it. The new way forward is going to be vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) and Vcloud director will be focused on Public cloud and Service providers.

A lot of people will say that vCAC is not as rich in features as the vcloud director. VMware is saying it will enrich vCAC and vcenter with some of these features. Exact details on which features of vCloud Director (vCD) will go into which part of VMware Inc.’s vCloud Suite are not available yet, but it’s a safe bet capabilities like multi-tenancy management would be pushed into vCloud Automation Center (vCAC), while constructs like the Virtual Data Center would fall into vCenter.

  Customers with existing vCD deployments will have options for licensing as well as technical upgrades. How the licensing convergence will work depends on how they acquired vCD in the first place — as a standalone product or as part of the vCloud Suite.


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