Migrating VMware Datastores to Netapp NFS

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Process for Migrating VMware Datastores to Netapp NFS datastore and alligning misalligned vm’s

  •   Install NetApp Virtual Storage Console on appropriate server
  •  Present NFS VMware datastores to existing VMware clusters
  •  A scratch datastore may be provisioned depending on preferential migration approach
  •  Check starting partition offsets (to prevent misalignment) for guest VMs & templates to be migrated
  • Where appropriate apply VSC corrective actions (e.g. NFS timeouts, max number of datastores etc.)
  •  ESX host reboots may be required
netapp   Migrate – Aligning
  • Use mbralign on existing storage array
  • Use mbralign to align and migrate VMDKs simultaneously (shutdown guest)
  • Migrate guest VMs data with VMotion guest VMs from the existing FCP datastores into designated target NFS datastores (mbralign after migration – VM shutdown required)
  • Migrate guest VMs data by manually copying requisite VMDK/VMX files and deregister/reregister VMs (mbralign after migration – VM shutdown required)
  • Install guest timeout scripts into child VMs / relocate vSwap and Page File VHDs
  • Dezone FC datastores/remove old host stack when vacant
You can also use tools like Paragon Alignment tool; this will help you align partitions on physical and virtual disks.

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