MapR for Hadoop on Vmware

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MapR Technologies’ Distribution for Hadoop has been certified for VMware vSphere after undergoing a detailed validation process. The certification means joint customers can easily deploy and run the MapR Distribution for Hadoop on VMware vSphere and receive commercial support.

VMware has enabled the features though its work on Project Serengeti, which has been aimed at optimizing Hadoop clusters to run on virtualized infrastructure, compared to physical servers which do not run a hypervisor. While Hadoop clusters are currently running on virtualized machines in some instances now

Other companies have also done work to virtualize Hadoop clusters. Amazon Web Services has its Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) offering, which is basically a Hadoop-like public-cloud based service. VMware is targeting private cloud and on-customer premises deployments though.

    As Hadoop technology continues to evolve, customers are realizing the benefits of combining a Hadoop distribution explicitly designed for enterprise-use cases, with a powerful and flexible virtualization platform such as VMware vSphere.

This joint effort will help enterprises to accelerate their adoption of Hadoop.” By virtualizing the MapR Distribution for Hadoop, MapR said IT departments can achieve the benefits of running Hadoop in a pool of existing compute and storage resources and on one common platform such as VMware vSphere. Enterprises can also deploy new virtual Hadoop clusters in minutes using Project Serengeti and VMware vSphere.

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