Cisco 1000V now Free

Written by Mo Elamin. Posted in Networking, VMWare

The Cisco Nexus 1000V has a free version now on the market, but adoption of the paid version of the virtual switch has been low among enterprises so far.

Enterprises that run VMware Inc.’s Enterprise Plus license — or more recently, Hyper-V – – will have the option of using an Essentials Edition of the Nexus 1000V when version 2.1, currently in beta, ships before year’s end. The Essentials Edition will include such basic features as the ability to provision virtual LANs, access control lists and apply Quality of Service policies, and manage Virtual Extensible LAN endpoints. The Nexus free edition will include, Link Aggregation Control Protocol; multicasting capabilities; and NetFlow and Encapsulated Remote Switched Port Analyzer, or ERSPAN, for monitoring.

if want to use advanced features edition (for example, Cisco’s Virtual Security Gateway virtual firewall), you will have to pay for the Advanced Edition, priced at $695 per CPU. Cisco is also working on pricing bundles for the Advanced Edition that includes Unified Computing System, or UCS, servers, the ASA 1000V Cloud Firewall and the Nexus 1110 Virtual Services Appliance.

Businesses which already have the Nexus 1000V as part of their networking strategy are re- evaluating whether it’s truly cost-effective. especially considering all the powerful features of the new Vds switches on Vsphere 5.

Considering there is a huge number of VMware customer who have Cisco kit for their network, there is only a very small uptake on Nexus 1000v.

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