Vmware Openstack Partnership

Written by Mo Elamin. Posted in Blog, Networking, VMWare

The Strategy of VMware joining OpenStack is natural and smart one.  I don’t think VMware and OpenStack compete at even the datacentre layer or Cloud layer for that matter. An argument could be made that before VMware and EMC spun off Pivotal that OpenStack and VMware were direct competitors but I don’t think that is the case, I think it is in VMware interest that open stack succeeds.


SPLUNK> VMware App

Written by Mo Elamin. Posted in Blog, Networking

Having used splunk in past PCI compliance projects in order collecting data, continuously monitoring and alerting. Not to mention digestion and sorting of security logs. I have always wanted to exploit its uses for VMware, but never had the opportunity until recently. The Splunk VMware app unlocks the value of vSphere data such as performance metrics, logs, vCenter Server tasks and events and give a way to process all the syslogs produced by your virtualisation products.


Cisco Nexus 5596 SAN switch

Written by Mo Elamin. Posted in Networking

Cisco Nexus 5596 SAN switch

Recently I have started using the Cisco Nexus 5596 SAN switch, although I am generally quite used to cisco MDS switches range, I have not really used the nexus san range of switches. The Cisco Nexus 5596 SAN switch costs considerably less than the Cisco MDS 9509 and it has many more features, with one exception, IVR. This is not available on the Nexus 5596 and there are no future plans to include it.

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