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Having used splunk in past PCI compliance projects in order collecting data, continuously monitoring and alerting. Not to mention digestion and sorting of security logs. I have always wanted to exploit its uses for VMware, but never had the opportunity until recently. The Splunk VMware app unlocks the value of vSphere data such as performance metrics, logs, vCenter Server tasks and events and give a way to process all the syslogs produced by your virtualisation products.


It enables: Correlation online casino nederland of virtualization data with data from other technology tiers. Find causal links between application performance issues and the underlying hypervisor, storage, networking and server infrastructure.

Granular performance management and analysis. Collect and persist deep granular performance data directly from the vSphere hosts and trace virtual machine performance from host to host to troubleshoot contention-related issues. Complete operational visibility and capacity analytics. Find capacity constrained hosts, idle virtual machines, underutilized clusters, over provisioned datastores. Trend performance statistics to find usage patterns and likely capacity bottlenecks. Change tracking and asset reporting. Track detailed user-initiated changes, automated vSphere actions as well as report on inventoryc and status of virtual components. Security reporting and monitoring. Monitor the environment for suspicious activity, user role changes, unauthorized access and more.

Download a free trial here http://www.splunk.com/view/how-to-get-splunk/SP-CAAADFV VIDEO:

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