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All new Data ONTAP9

Written by Mo Elamin. Posted in Blog, Storage

The new version on Data ONTAP is now out in the wild, now called ONTAP 9. Not clustered data ONTAP nor data ONTAP 7-mode. From now on, it will just be ONTAP, since 7-mode is no longer being developed. RC1 is scheduled to be out by late June, 2016. Over The last few years, NetApp has focused on bringing feature parity to cdot, so new features and usability were a little behind. However, the company is now at a point of greater innovation and most importantly, they are finally listening to their partners, and customers. ONTAP 9 brings great enhancements to the already well known features such as DataMotion, Compression, and dedup among others. It also includes features such as data compaction, HeadRoom, and RAID-TEC among others. The main noticeable change on ONTAP 9 is a major face lift. Yes, the GUI is different; way different, while keeping some of the old look. In my opinion, it makes a lot more sense to control everything at a higher level, rather than having to hunt drop-down menus at different locations, just like the 8.2 days. The new UI brings simplicity and usability at the same time, with an intuitive, non-cluttered set of tabs. Below are some screen shots of the dashboard of ONTAP 9 UI. The main menu is composed of 7 tabs that will give you access to manage and configure your NetApp cluster. Categories include Dashboards, LUNs, SVMs, Network, Hardware and Diagnostics, Protection, and Configurations. ontap_9
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