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VMware Open Source Project Lightwave, Project Photon

Written by Mo Elamin. Posted in Blog, VMWare

PHOTON VMware announced the introduction of two new Open Source projects, Project Lightwave and Project Photon, both are intended to improve scalability and integration between cloud apps and existing enterprise infrastructure.

Project Lightwave – An Identity and Access Management (IAM) tool which ties in to existing VMware authentication products. It allows increased control over container-based cloud apps by implementing access control over container-based apps for both developers and customers. Key capabilities in Project Lightwave are centralized identity management and multi-tenant support, key components for service providers and application hosts.

Project Photon – A stripped down lightweight implementation of Linux built specifically for running application containers. This is targeted primarily at environments running VMware vSphere and VMware vCloud Air, Project Photon is designed to allow users to run both virtual machines and containers natively within a single lightweight environment. Project Photon supports container applications from Docker, rkt, and Garden/Pivotal.

Besides supporting Lightwave’s containers and security mechanisms, Photon will support both Red Hat’s RPM for image-based system versioning, and SUSE’s yum-compatible, package-based life-cycle management system

Photon is available on GitHub as a technology preview today. To compile it, you’ll need Ubuntu 14.04 or later. While there is also a GitHub respository for Lightwave, there’s no code at this time there.

This opens up more choice and offerings for customers wishing to invest in containers.
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