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Latest 7-Mode Transition Tool 2.0

Written by Mo Elamin. Posted in Blog, Storage


Really surprised at how quickly Netapp are developing their migration tool for moving from 7mode to cluster ONTAP. It was only just a few months ago that we had version 1.4.

Currently I am in a similar situation in my current job, where it’s that time move. I think any customer who already has Netapp controllers, familiar with Data ONTAP and netapp features has only on route, to transition to Clustered ONTAP.

The 7MTT minimizes the time that your data is offline by initially doing a baseline SnapMirror transfer. When the baseline is complete the tool starts performing incremental updates based on the timetable you set. During this time, the primary 7-Mode volume is online and continues to serve data as normal. Incremental updates continue until you decide to cut over, which is the only time when clients see an outage.

The amount of time needed to cut over depends on the time needed to finish an incremental update. Three to four minutes is typical to complete the final incremental update. Once the final incremental update occurs, you need to manually disconnect your clients from the volumes you are moving before cutting over. Then redirect your clients or restart application services to use the volumes in the new location.

The new release of the 7MTT 2.0 RC1 allows you to transition to clustered Data ONTAP 8.3. 32-bit data is not supported on in clustered Data ONTAP 8.3, so you must expand the 32-bit aggrates to 64-bit.

SAN transition to clustered ONTAP is now supported, this is a long awaited feature, most customer have a large number of Luns within their controllers so this is welcomed feature. Finally MetroCluster support, this will enable you to transition an already configured MetroCluster in clustered ONTAP 8.3.

You can download Windows or Linux versions of the 7MTT 2.0 from the NetApp Support Site.

2.0 RC1 Documentation

vExpert 2015 Announcement

Written by Mo Elamin. Posted in Blog, VMWare

The vExpert 2015 Announcement has been made by VMware and I’m honoured and pleased to say I have been awarded the accolade whoop whoop!!


I would like the thank Cory (@vCommunityGuy) and the team at VMware for all their hard work that goes behind organising and setting up the vExper program.

I Looking forward to working with many vExperts and attending many VMware events throughout 2015.

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